Happy Thanksgiving from Our Family to Yours!


Wishing you a warm, safe, and hopefully-not-overly-stuffed Thanksgiving celebration today.

May we take this day, and every day, to be grateful for all the blessings we have in life–our family, friends, the good food we eat, the roofs over our heads, the laughter and moments we share with others.  Let us also remember those less fortunate than us, at home and around the world.

To the doctors and patients we serve, we are ever so thankful to you. YOU are who make Foot Levelers possible.

………Now let’s pull up a chair, loosen our belts–and EAT!

–The Foot Levelers Team

Coming Soon, to a D.C. Near You…


What’s behind the curtain?

In January, Foot Levelers is gearing up to unveil a number of new products…

Think hiking. Think lounging. Thinking maxing and relaxing… Then think killing it in the gym. We promise: You’ll be thrilled to get your hands (and feet) on these.

That’s all we can say for now….

…But don’t worry, it will be worth the wait. 😉

(Check back here or with your DC in January).


We Love Hearing from You!

We love hearing from our doctors, customers and patients. Here’s a shout out from Rob, who handles community relations for Claredon Chiropractic in Claredon Hills, Illinois. Thanks Rob!

“The best in the business! Foot Levelers has been our supplier of choice because they understand function, offer a variety of makes and models and stand 100% behind their product. No off-the-shelf orthotics here. Custom made to support 3 arches of the foot.”

Rob Surrusco, Creating Wellness Consultant, Clarendon Hills, IL


Low Back Pain Starts with the Foundation


It may seem counterintuitive–at first. But if you’re suffering from  low back pain, your feet may be to blame.

Say what??

The research is compelling: “bad” feet are linked to bad backs.  And fixing bad feet–even if they don’t hurt–can make a huge difference in the treatment of low back pain.

Consider this. Your feet are critical to your body structure. They support your entire weight; they balance and propel you; they adapt to and absorb walking stresses. If your feet are problematic–and that’s the case for  3 out of 4 adults, research tells us–they can’t do their job(s) correctly.  That means some of the stress and shock that should have been absorbed by the feet travels up the legs, through the spine, impacting everything above (even headaches have been tied to foot problems–that’s right, headaches!).  It also means your body may be thrown off-balance, even if that’s imperceptible to the naked eye. Step after step, day after day–symptoms worsen as these problems are reinforced.

Is it any wonder that a major study conducted in 2013 concluded that women with flat feet are 50 percent more likely than those with normal feet to suffer from low back pain?shutterstock_108320885

The health of your body’s foundation matters.  In fact, it’s critical.  Just like a building, if the body’s foundation is problematic, eventually, inevitably, problems will appear throughout the entire structure.

If you experience low back pain, have your Chiropractor examine your feet.  Correcting problems down below can do wonders for low back pain–indeed, for your quality of life–and custom orthotics are research-proven to do just that.




More Energy, Less Stress, Fewer Headaches — with 1 Easy Tip


Check out this cool article in Women’s Health: “5 Things that Happen When You Finally Fix Your Posture.”

From burning more calories to experiencing fewer headaches, the article reinforces just how important good posture is to whole-body health.  (You can read more about that here and here).

Makes sense, of course. After all, the brain and the spine are Command Central of the body–when they’re strong and working properly, chances are good that everything else will work better too.

Foot Levelers’ orthotics support good posture from the ground up, and we recommend you see a Chiropractor to help your spine with adjustments and more. orthoticfan He or she can also tell you more about orthotics and how they benefit the Kinetic Chain.

So stand up straight (and get orthotics to help) to take charge of your health!

Thank You for Your Service, Veterans

On behalf of the entire Foot Levelers family, thank you to all those who have served our country as military personnel.  Without your sacrifices, many of the freedoms and blessings we enjoy as Americans would not be possible. For those who are actively deployed overseas, we wish you a safe and expedient return to your friends and family. Today, and every day, we honor you.


Chiro is Growing! Have YOU Visited a DC Lately?


Check out this news from the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP): a recent Gallup Poll states an estimated 33.6 million U.S. adults (14 percent) saw a Chiropractor within the last 12 months – that’s big jump from the roughly 20.6 million reported in a previous study.

Why the growth? Experts at the F4CP say the Americans are becoming more confident in the profession. (Hat tip to the foundation folks–they work tirelessly to get the word out about the benefits of Chiropractic. We’re proud that it was founded by our CEO and Chairman, and includes Chiropractic leaders from all over the country.  You can learn more about the foundation here).

shutterstock_207481264The research also showed that 51 percent of U.S. adults had seen a Chiropractor during their lifetime–but that unfortunately, misconceptions remain.  The majority of people don’t know that Doctors of Chiropractic must complete a minimum of seven years of college education, for example, which includes clinical patient management. Or that aspiring DCs must also pass rigorous national and state boards.

In reflecting on the study, executive VP for F4CP Dr. Sherry McAllister said: “We are addressing the information gap that may be preventing individuals from seeking Chiropractic care, and reaffirming the message that care provided by a DC is not only safe and affordable, but also covered by most insurance plans. Americans can trust their Chiropractors to successfully address their health concerns without the use of drugs.”

Have you visited your DC lately? From high blood pressure to sports performance to headaches and back pain, Chiropractic can help. Don’t have a Chiropractor yet? Find one near you here.